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Mold Makin’

Now that the silicone is done, and the plaster has been divided into workable parts (Mother-Mold = Schutzform), it’s time to get casting (cast = Abguss)! This thing is turning out to be a beast. I will need another set of hands to make the cast.

Photos by Nick

Project 0, Agbaje brothers makin’ moves.

You’ve heard of the Wachowski brothers? The Cohen brothers? Well LOOK OUT! Here comes the Agbaje brothers! Check out their first comic appearing online at

Here’s a blurb from the blog (if you will).

An outsider, far from home finds himself gifted with the power to create changes in the world around him. After being shunned by a local community he and his only two friends plan to travel the world to find his home. While preparing their flying machine, their lives collide with a mysterious paramilitary company, the Lancers, and the dangerous saboteurs that will go to great lengths to stop them.

I find the format for reading the comic very cool (Scribd) , and it’s a very forward-think way of presenting comics. Stay tuned everybody!

Done, Finished, Finito.

I think I told myself that the model was done three times. The third time was after these photos were taken, so it looks even a little different still. At this point in the process I am making the silicone mold, and it is covered in silicone. Unfortunately, my main man Nicky Luv is off partying in Portugal, so I have no photos of one of the mold crucial parts of this whole thing. I’ll get a shot of the mold, but for now, here what done–and then finished looks like.

Excellent Photography by Nick Simpson <—check out his new Photos of the canals in Berlin frozen over!

Exhibition Flyer

Here is the exhibition flyer of the artist, Hajnal Nemeth, who commissioned the model car crash. You can download the flyer from the link below, or see it alongside a detailed description of the exhibition on her website (link above)


If anyone finds themselves in Budapest on the 11th of March…


I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a spot that I got on an up-and-coming London-based blog called Futurising. The link is also now added on the left hand side. Take a look at both links and get a vampires taste of the London’s cultural PULSE. The articles are especially interesting off of the second link, and the first is truly full of eye candy. Guck mal an!


So, just like me to find exactly what I need at the very end. If timing is everything, then what does it say about me when I’m always just making it past the finish line? In any case, I wanted to let all of you car enthusiasts out there, who aren’t already in the know, about a great website I found while doing my latest project. It’s called Scratch Made Cars, or SM Cars. They have a treasure trove of car blueprints to pour over, and I was lucky enough to find the car I was looking for. Here’s an example of what the blueprints look like.

This is not the Car I am modeling, but from these blueprints, I could model any car! The whole project has given me a new appreciation for the work that goes into making a car. So much thought goes into all of the different models of cars out there, and when you think about it, the making of a car is truly an artistic process. I feel like we forget that because there is so much emphasis placed on engines and safety. The modeling work that goes into making a car is just as artistic as making a bust, its all about merging lines into one another, and creating the surfaces in between. It really makes me have less appreciation for the engine. To see what I mean, watch this. It’s a TED talk by Amory Lovin, describing how the weight of the engine is a truly unnecessary inefficient feature. It’s all about the body…

Crash Course Modeling

Since Last week I have developed the model a bit further, and I’m really going after the shape of the car, and trying to make it recognizable to your average car enthusiast. The car is also tilted towards the front because of the damage there. Here are some more current photos.

I have until February 14th to finish modeling, at which point I will be making a mold. The finished piece will be two copies made of Forton MG, that will then be painted. The opening for Hajnal Nemth’s exhibition will be on March 11th in Budapest, Hungary at the Kiscelli Museum for Contemporary Art . The exhibition will be in an old cathedral which is a part of the museum. The space is huge, and I am really excited to see the entire exhibition in March.

Once again, all photography done by Nick Luv.

Yes and Yes 2010

In December I came back to Berlin. There were Christmas Markets lining the streets, and the smell of Glühwein in the air. After Christmas I went to England to stay with my girlfriend for New Years. Hopefully I will have some pictures of that trip soon. When I came back to Berlin on the 7th of January, I had already received an e-mail asking if I could do some clay modeling/mold making work for an artist Hajnal Nemeth . For her upcoming exhibition, she will be using a crashed car for an installation. Flyers for the exhibition will be released soon, showing photos of the car that I am modeling.

As you can see, the car is pretty beat up. As far as modeling goes, you pretty much have to start with the basic shape and punch the dents in after. It has really given me an appreciation for all the work that goes into making cars. After all, all cars start as clay models in the concept stage. Here are some photos of my work so far.

All Photography is done by my good buddy and Neighbor, Nick Simpson. Take a look at his new photos that he has done with his pinhole camera, in addition to kindly taking picture for me.