So, just like me to find exactly what I need at the very end. If timing is everything, then what does it say about me when I’m always just making it past the finish line? In any case, I wanted to let all of you car enthusiasts out there, who aren’t already in the know, about a great website I found while doing my latest project. It’s called Scratch Made Cars, or SM Cars. They have a treasure trove of car blueprints to pour over, and I was lucky enough to find the car I was looking for. Here’s an example of what the blueprints look like.

This is not the Car I am modeling, but from these blueprints, I could model any car! The whole project has given me a new appreciation for the work that goes into making a car. So much thought goes into all of the different models of cars out there, and when you think about it, the making of a car is truly an artistic process. I feel like we forget that because there is so much emphasis placed on engines and safety. The modeling work that goes into making a car is just as artistic as making a bust, its all about merging lines into one another, and creating the surfaces in between. It really makes me have less appreciation for the engine. To see what I mean, watch this. It’s a TED talk by Amory Lovin, describing how the weight of the engine is a truly unnecessary inefficient feature. It’s all about the body…


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