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Jerry’s World

For those of you out there who don’t know already, that link to your lower right that says “Barre Sculpture Studios” leads you to Jerry Williams’ website. Jerry is not only a friend, and colleague of mine, but he is also my teacher, and my Dad. From time to time I thought it would be nice to update everyone on what’s going on in Jerry’s world, or as my family and I humbly call it, “the shop”. The shop, as you may have already guessed, is located in a little town called Barre, Vermont. Once known as the granite capitol of the world, Barre is a nice working class town where you will find America’s best carvers still at work.

Jerry, however, is the best. If you don’t believe me, check out his website for yourself.

So lets drop in on the shop. Right now Jerry is working on the 1st of two elephants to be installed… in front of a building. Somewhere. More info on the installation site later.

Here are the pachyderms on parade. (one, really)





Once the first elephant is done, the dimensions will be used (inverted) to make the other one. Hats off to all the hard work that went into getting the first one this far.

Fighting Gravity: part two

More pictures of the opening and Performance.


Enjoying the good spirits.


Anton saying a few words to his admiring public.


Anton’s rage.


The man needs a vacation.

It’s a shame I didn’t get a good picture of the Goths who were standing on either side of Anton, maybe I get some portraits of them hanging out at their favorite spot…later.

Fighting Gravity

Last night was the opening of Anton Unai’s exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin, Mitte. The turnout was great and everyone was in good spirits, and by that I mean taking full advantage of the free vodka Red Bulls. For the past month I have been helping Anton prepare for his exhibition by doing odd jobs here and there, and even making a few pieces with him. Here’s a picture of Anton and the pieces that I made with him.




This is how the wings looked in Anton’s studio before they were installed. More work was done at the bottom of the wings in the gallery, and the blue boxing gloves were switched out for a pair of red ones. Here’s what they look like now.


The studio that Anton has inhabited for the past 6 months is pretty much an abandoned office building that lies directly across from the Fernsehturm, and one block down form the Berliner Dom (cathedral). I was really confused my first day working there. The place has full carpeting, a full bar in the front room, and multiple hallways that lead to different rooms which have been used (and abused) by other artists in the past. The space was taken over by an organization called HBC Collective, who used to throw (from what I have heard from my friends who have lived here for at least a year) amazing parties there until about 6 months ago, when numerous noise complaints lead to the revocation of their liquor liscense, and liscense to party. The guys who run HBC are always there during the day, tending to business on their laptops, smoking cigarettes and ocassionally laughing. Here’s a shot of Anton working in the studio, and the wings from far away.



The HBC guys should be getting their contract renewed in a month or so. Now that I am on the facebook mailing list, hopefully I will get to see the collective back in action. Until then, the place will remain empty, with a little room in the back full of Anton’s art that will be kept in storage.

The past few days were spent cleaning out the space at HBC, and working on the stage for Anton’s performance that took place outside of the gallery after the opening. The space is a little fashion shop on Tor Straße called Extrafein, which is right next to a shitty currywurst place. I had a currywurst there the other day, and it was awful. No one go there–ever. The fashion shop is pretty cool though. It used to be a butcher shop, and the owners left the original 70’s orange and white tiling installed, and it still has that meat closet feel with clothes hanging from hooks instead of cows. The store owners explained to me what each room used to be used for, and giggled as I insisted that I was receiving too much information. “Ja, und das Blut wurde überall auf die Wände! Hier und auch hier…was?!” Thanks guys, now the next time I think about your Japanese denim jeans I will also have the image of blood splattered walls and screaming cattle. Anyone out there ever seen “Im Jahr mit 13 Monden” by Reiner Werner Fassbinder?

The Performance was a little pressed for time, and we worked as hard as we could with a team of teenage Goths that hang out in front of HBC most days of the week, who Anton enlisted in exchange for a case of beer. Thanks guys, and I WILL pick up that new Ramstein CD.

The performance went great, and everyone in the front row got covered in paint, more pictures soon as soon as Nicky-luv hooks me up with the shots he took. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it was an experience I will never forget.

Here we go!

So, the following posts are the direction that I want to move in with my Jewelry line, which I have decided to Call “Popular Usage”. This is just a start, but I want to move in the direction of Ghetto Fabulous meets Kay Jewelers. Right now I’m just trying to build up a catalogue with my good buddy Nick Simpson. In the coming weeks I/we will be expanding the photography for the Popular Usage line, and the Leitkultur Series of deep-fried still lives.

I’m thinking of doing some post in German as well…