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ComedySportz videos: First of Many

Check us out with our new internet web presence! I’m so psyched to be back in Berlin with so many funny, talented people around me! Enjoy!


Could I get a hell, yes!?? First travel gig. Me and the boys from Berlin gonna SHOW YOU SOMETHIN’, the 10th and 11th in ANTWERP, baby! Check us out this Saturday at the Barcode in Antwerp, Muntstraat 22. and Sunday at Cafe the Joker


Comedy Sportz

I’m going slightly tangent to the fine art nature of this blog, and want to share with everyone a new venue of expression that I have recently found, and even more recently began to take part in. Comedy Sportz is an Improvisation comedy group (like Whose line is it Anway, but in a sports format) that I have been rehearsing with for a little over 2 months now and last Saturday was the first performance of the new group members that came through auditions a couple months ago. We are known, so far, as the “green team” — and we killed! Photos:

That was the first time I had performed in front of an audience that big for over 6 years. After four years of an introverted mindset brought on by art school, I can’t tell you have good it feels to get back in touch with my inner Dionysus… Thanks so much to all the talented people who I performed with, and to everyone who came for a laugh. I will keep the blog updated on further performances — and who knows — maybe even a little more theater on the side? BREAK A LEG!