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Comedy Sportz

I’m going slightly tangent to the fine art nature of this blog, and want to share with everyone a new venue of expression that I have recently found, and even more recently began to take part in. Comedy Sportz is an Improvisation comedy group (like Whose line is it Anway, but in a sports format) that I have been rehearsing with for a little over 2 months now and last Saturday was the first performance of the new group members that came through auditions a couple months ago. We are known, so far, as the “green team” — and we killed! Photos:

That was the first time I had performed in front of an audience that big for over 6 years. After four years of an introverted mindset brought on by art school, I can’t tell you have good it feels to get back in touch with my inner Dionysus… Thanks so much to all the talented people who I performed with, and to everyone who came for a laugh. I will keep the blog updated on further performances — and who knows — maybe even a little more theater on the side? BREAK A LEG!