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Elephant Sculpture on Koh Chang: progress photos

Here’s an update on the elephant sculpture. Not finished yet, but getting there!
























Magic! These are just progress photos, the model should really start shaping up when I go back and visit the real thing! Her name is Churi.


Ass Detail

So, to best answer the question “what have you been working on?” I have a few photos. When I first got here I was working on the head of the elephant, and now I have been pushed back to ass detail. Hey, work is work. There is still a few things left, around the left foot and the wrinkles around that strange vagina-looking flap of skin (which does actually exist on real elephants). After 2 or so weeks I have nearly completed the hairs at the end of the tail, and the leaves going up behind the right leg.

There is always some finishing work to be done, and what is left to do you really can’t see well from the photos. One of the hardest parts about working with stone is figuring out, how the f*** are you going to get your hand in there, and what tool are you going to use to do it? There’s still a lot to do behind everything you see in the photo, but all in all I think I am getting the hang of things.


Here is a shot at the end of last week, and the next is from the end of this week.



Yeah, I probably should be working a bit faster than this, but there was a lot going on this past week. Not only did we have to move a bunch of stuff around, but we also had to put up the banker doors, and finish the eagle mold.


Here’s a photo of the new plaster cast. It came out really well.



Not only that, but we put the Soldier together for a dry-run installation.


It seems like in between everything else, I have been carving. Next week or the week after the soldier will have gone to his final resting place, and there will be more space to start the next elephant, and get the block cut for the eagle. Not to mention a memorial. The block for that should be in next week.


Jerry’s World

For those of you out there who don’t know already, that link to your lower right that says “Barre Sculpture Studios” leads you to Jerry Williams’ website. Jerry is not only a friend, and colleague of mine, but he is also my teacher, and my Dad. From time to time I thought it would be nice to update everyone on what’s going on in Jerry’s world, or as my family and I humbly call it, “the shop”. The shop, as you may have already guessed, is located in a little town called Barre, Vermont. Once known as the granite capitol of the world, Barre is a nice working class town where you will find America’s best carvers still at work.

Jerry, however, is the best. If you don’t believe me, check out his website for yourself.

So lets drop in on the shop. Right now Jerry is working on the 1st of two elephants to be installed… in front of a building. Somewhere. More info on the installation site later.

Here are the pachyderms on parade. (one, really)





Once the first elephant is done, the dimensions will be used (inverted) to make the other one. Hats off to all the hard work that went into getting the first one this far.