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I can make molds like a mutha f**ka.

RSP/Damstuhltrager Studio Week 2

After a month back in Berlin, I was given the extreme privilege of taking over the downstairs at Rockelmann Stuhltrager Projects for a 2 month residency. The first week I moved all relevant materials into the space, and by now I have started a few drawings and busted out some smaller ideas that I have been wanting to do for a while.

Here are photos of the space.

The space is plenty of room to make big drawings, a few clay pieces, and some smaller casts that I a working on. For the past week I have been trying out a faux bronze patina on polyurethane casts. Eventually, I would like to do larger pieces with this technique but for now these are fun experiments.

There are larger drawings and clay pieces going on, but they are in the beginning phases.



I finally got some decent pictures from the exhibition in Budapest. The cars look great, and Hajnal will have them on display at the Kiscelli Museum until the and of May. All in all, it was a great trip and I really love the city.

The room where the full size car is installed is HUGE. It used to be a cathedral and the sound is amazing. It was great to finally see the car I was modelling in real life! I think I did okay working just from photos, but mine turned out to be a little more sporty than the real life version.

It snowed on the day of the exhibition, but we spent most of the day at the outdoor thermal baths with little snow flakes falling on our heads and creating a massive fog cloud over the pool. That was a great day. The picture really doesn’t do a justice, but here’s one.

Just imagine looking for your girlfriend in the fog, and getting a big handful of fat hairy Hungarian man instead… “Hellllooo you…OH GOD! I mean, excuse me!”

The End

Giessen, Schleifen, Sprühen

The finishing touches.


The exhibition is tomorrow night at the Kiscelli Museum in the Buda side of town. The space is huge, and I will have photos of the final installation soon.

Many thanks to Hajnal Nemeth for giving me the opportunity to collaborate on this project, and organizing such a great show!

Mold Makin’

Now that the silicone is done, and the plaster has been divided into workable parts (Mother-Mold = Schutzform), it’s time to get casting (cast = Abguss)! This thing is turning out to be a beast. I will need another set of hands to make the cast.

Photos by Nick

Done, Finished, Finito.

I think I told myself that the model was done three times. The third time was after these photos were taken, so it looks even a little different still. At this point in the process I am making the silicone mold, and it is covered in silicone. Unfortunately, my main man Nicky Luv is off partying in Portugal, so I have no photos of one of the mold crucial parts of this whole thing. I’ll get a shot of the mold, but for now, here what done–and then finished looks like.

Excellent Photography by Nick Simpson <—check out his new Photos of the canals in Berlin frozen over!

Exhibition Flyer

Here is the exhibition flyer of the artist, Hajnal Nemeth, who commissioned the model car crash. You can download the flyer from the link below, or see it alongside a detailed description of the exhibition on her website (link above)


If anyone finds themselves in Budapest on the 11th of March…

Squirrels on Locust?

For those of you out there who don’t know, last year I designed a sculpture for a public art project at the University of Pennsylvania. The project was called Squirrels on Locust, and was funded and installed by the Art Club at Upenn. The concept for the project was put forward by Senior John Agbaje, and I designed the sculpture that would be reproduced over 30 times for a large scale public installation. Each squirrel was bought by different student groups at Upenn, and then painted once the sculpture was cast. It was a lot of work, and my schoolwork definitely suffered due to the amount of time spent on this project…

I bring it up now, because the squirrels were re-installed this year and have created a stir in the Philidelphia media! Here is a link to the Fox29 news story. There will also be another story in the Philadelphia Inquirer tomorrow. I will post that link when I have it. All in all, there have been over 4 stories about the project in the Daily Pennsylvanian (that link takes you to the other story). The projects website put together by the art club is still up and running, and the link to it is on the right hand side of this page.

Here are some photos of the project to show how much hard work went into the whole thing, and how dick it is to steal them. Could they have been secured a little better? Yes, with TRIPLE the budget that we were working with.

This is the original clay, which I then casted in plaster so that I could take it on the train back to the iladelph.

The arms were glued back on later. Once little whitey was down in the studio (art club headquarters), I then made 4 silicone molds so we could cast an entire army.

The one on the far right is the first one we cast, the one in the middle was in need of repairs, and the one on the right is a final copy. This is what they looked like before being painted. I don’t have pictures of all of the different paint designs, but it was really something to see them all being painted and individualized. I met a lot of really great people, and the project was a great success. Except for the theft. Oh, and a few were broken into pieces, but still — everyone got involved!!!

Great job to everyone involved, and I hope that they are all found and brought together again.