Watercolor / Aquarell

Here are photos of my new watercolor series. I haven’t figured out a name yet, but I am really satisfied with how they came out. I’ve been wanting to revisit a theme I was working on at PaFa and add too it. If there is one thing I hate, it’s throwing away ideas. I wish there was a way I could make every idea I’ve ever had… I guess that’s what life is for?

At PaFa I was making paintings of berries and looking at the way blackberry juice bleeds out to different colors. Berries are a personal symbol of nostalgia, which I blended into a feeling of elation that I imagine follows relieving a hemorrhage. To me ideas feel like a mental hemorrhage and art is a kind of release. Though berries are not depicted, the purple pallet I am using is representative of the juice. I wanted to convey a kind of excess and indulgence.

I’m not sure if this will make sense to anyone, but I hope you like the paintings!

Paintings property of Sean Hunter Williams 2010


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