The Workshop

Jerry out front.


For the next 6 weeks I will be working at Barre Sculpture Studios, helping Jerry out in the shop. At the moment we have a couple projects going on. All together, it would seem that we are the elves of some kind of Republican public art workshop. Which is actually kinda cool. I posted the elephants already, which I am working on at the moment. The other major project is “G.I. Joe” who is triumphantly walking out of a scene of rubble. The figure is nearly complete. Only the portrait and the base is left.

This past week, the text dedicating the memorial was sandblasted into the side of the base.


A special tent was set up in the shop next door by Memorial Sandblast to accommodate the 6ft by 6ft Base.



Meanwhile in the next room Jerry is putting a white patina on the rifle that will be worn by the soldier.


and Gampo is working on the portrait.



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